With the contractual partner company VersaBox SP. Z O.O we close an important gap in our portfolio for the regions D-A-CH as well as Be-Ne-Lux. In this merger we offer our customers from now on tailored, innovative solutions in the field of "Automated Guided Vehicles" including the necessary visualization and customized software solutions. The establishment of cooperative corporate partners allows us to offer our customers coherent solutions from a single source and also to support them after the handover with our tailored services as a partner.Since 2016, VersaBox is a manufacturer of automated guided vehicles and provider of digital solutions for logistics, such as the self-developed system AUTONOMY@WORK,which uses artificial intelligence (Navigational AI) that supports the autonomy of the mobile VersaBox systems. The system was additionally equipped with components for fleet management, process design and a high-end simulation.It enables the demanding customers to realize flexible and efficient intralogistics processes of the next generation (Smart Intralogistics / Intralogistics 4.0).VersaBox has since been dealing with internal logistics, i.e. the transport of goods and products within companies, in the area of production or warehouses. The company has built its own system of fully autonomous mobile vehicles, which enables fast and efficient transport of products to and from the warehouse, as well as between production cells. VersaBox's solutions are already being used in Polish and other European industrial plants, including those in the automotive industry. Among other customers of VersaBox are also our customers HUF and Autoliv, in which we are from now on already incorporating the synergies of this partnership.

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